Frequently Asked Question


The hemp plant material is dried and milled into a powdered form. This allows for higher surface area and more efficient extraction over a short span of time. The extraction is carried out using supercritical CO2allowing for preferential extraction of cannabinoids, waxes, and terpenes while discouraging the exchange of impurities such as plant carbohydrates and chlorophyll. The extract is treated further to remove waxes, THC, and other undesirable compounds.

After the oil is extracted, it’s run through a unique chromatography media that removes THC. The final oil has cannabinoids in the 75-85% range with total terpenes between 1 to 4%.

CBD Isolate has been used for various Investigational New Drug (IND) applications. GW Pharmaceuticals has an approval pending with the Food and Drug Administration for a drug featuring CBD as the active ingredient.

Consumer products with Hemp Oil with no detectable THC are legal on a state-by-state basis and provide a solution for consumers who want a supply of CBD in a botanical extract.

Hemp Everlasting emulsions are finely-engineered formulas using optimized composition and a unique manufacturing process. The more common emulsion uses droplets roughly 1000nm in size. The lower surface area of microemulsions leads to less-effective and inconsistent absorption. With Folium’s emulsion, the droplet size is 10-100 nanometers.

We recommend that consumers work with a medical professional to ensure they take the correct dosage. Consumers also have the right to request product testing from their chosen distributor before taking CBD oils regularly.

Broad spectrum CBD hemp oil is much more effective than a pure cannabidiol isolate due to the synergistic properties of the other cannabinoid compounds and terpenes contained in broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil.

Our bodies possess an endogenous system called the endocannabinoid system. This system contains cannabinoid receptors that respond to cannabinoids. These cannabinoid receptors physically interact with cannabinoids initiating cell changes and producing effects that can holistically provide relief for a wide scope of ailments and symptoms.