About Us

We’ve partnered with the largest vertically integrated producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in North America


Our story began in Colorado Springs, Colorado in Feb 2016. This was our first attempt at a harvest. For months and months we began cultivating and harvesting, harvesting and cultivating. The outcome was not what we were hoping for. Although we were getting good at harvesting the hemp flower, it seemed to be very meticulous work. And as opposed to the extensive knowledge and track record of harvesting the marijuana plant, there was much less information out there on growing the hemp leaf. Both marijuana and hemp, are indeed from the same plant species, but quit different in the way that they are harvested and cultivated. So we set off on a new path to learn everything we possibly could about the process, and started a nation wide search of industry leader of hemp growers & processors to join us, we decided to partner up with some of the leading & most innovative growers and cultivators in the country, with focus on Colorado State local growers. Because of the fact that most farmers at that time, might have been lacking full knowledge of what it takes to reach a successful hemp harvest, we set our goal to research and educate our consumers about everything there is to know about the hemp plant and to create our unique formulations based on the knowledge we have collected. And so our journey began.

As the market continued racing towards a broader acceptance of cannabis, the fast evolution of research and finally with the Federal approval of hemp in November of 2018, we knew that the time has finally arrived. Backed with confidence for taking an active roll in the industry for four years and being exposed to the wonders of earth’s gift plant, we found extra motivation to provide our community and others around the world an alternative way of healing.