CEO Greeting

At Hemp Everlasting, our mission is to help people and their animals live happier, healthier lives – a goal that can’t be accomplished with subpar cannabinoids. Beyond being a trusted source for the best ingredients and finished goods, we pride ourselves on being a partner from ideation to formulation to marketplace introduction.

Unlocking the Power of Hemp to Support Every Lifestyle

  • Over the years, we’ve continued to advance with proven expertise backed by quality, science, scale, and innovation – four cornerstones that answer the vital need to delivering truthful, non-psychoactive, hemp-derived cannabinoids while also providing us the opportunity to move the market forward as an industry leader. Health is universally sought but challenging to achieve. Our goal is to deliver products that enable small daily changes that make significant impacts as simple additions to a healthier life. Our farmers follow sustainable farming practices and environmental methods, including selective chemical use, drip irrigation, saving water, and composting excess biomass back into the land to enrich our soil.